Mock Me NOT

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN , MESA, ARIZONA – Working with someone day in and day out, well, conversation occurs. I try to keep my business partner focused on the films but she lures me into these deep and thought provoking conversations! Each day we have these “ah-ha” moments. Sometimes my business partner makes me so mad I can’t even talk. Sometimes she makes me laugh so hard I can’t talk. Of course this never occurs for her! She can always talk!

Many times we “discuss” religion. Often we discuss politics. Frequently we share moments of our lives. We like to talk about our childhood and growing up. speakItalian.jpgOur lives were so different and yet we have managed to find a place where we feel comfortable and safe to be who really are. This is pretty important. We work in a creative and very competitive field. Trust is imperative.

Today, we were visiting with another business associate. Cyndi was talking about a conversation we’d had earlier in the day and she tried to mimic some of my body motions. Her hands were pointing, her shoulders were shimmying and she was tossing her head. She even changed her voice inflection. It was, I admit hilarious, but what goes around comes around. Anyone want to see my interpretation of Cyndi’s belly laugh? Come on over!

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