Monumental Moments

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN, MESA ARIZONA – Why is it that during monumental moments I can never appreciate the moment? Today we mailed the movie to Cannes. I felt such despair. I wanted to take it back and check it again. I felt like I had sent out one of my children before age and experience could work its magic. As the day progressed, I knew it was gone and began to accept the reality that whatever happens, happens. We did the most with what we had to work with. I know with what we have learned our next undertaking will benefit from this experience as will every project we undertake.

So I say on to a new adventure, new possibilities and new life experiences. It’s only going to get crazy from here on out.

What I do know was that I was able to watch the movie with my family and not feel too nauseated. That, for me, is a monumental moment all by itself!

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