Moving Up

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN, MESA, USA — “Movin up to the east side.” Now that I have been to the East Side of New York, I know what the heck George Jefferson was talking about! I am not really moving to the East Side or anywhere else for that matter. I am, however, moving to my own personal blog. I do feel like I am moving into my first home and I am bringing with me some familiar items to make it seem familiar and comfortable. applePam.jpgI tease Cyndi that she is tired of censoring my writing and so she has arranged for my own blog. In all truthfulness, I am grateful for the freedom to write without connecting it to Africa, film or MCC. Sometimes I had to be a tad creative in finding a connection to an idea I was having or a thought I was developing.

Now apparently this page is just devoted to whatever I choose to write about in the moment. (Right now, I’m recalling visiting the Apple Store on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.)

Hmmmm. This could be dangerous. I certainly could have some fun with this. So for starters, welcome. Welcome to any readers and fellow thinkers and ponderers. Feel free to respond or not. Feel free to agree … or not. Just feel free.

For those of you who do not know me, don’t worry about it, I barely know myself. I do know I am a woman. No doubt about that. I am old enough not to be so moody anymore. My husband and children appreciate that! I love to think, but I often forget what I am supposed to do or where I am supposed to be. And as you might already have noticed, I am a lousy speller, but I comfort myself in knowing I am in good company.

I imagine I will be spewing often as the mood swings, Oh yeah, I forgot, I don’t have those anymore. I’ll be blogging as often as the muse sings. Is that better? So I imagine I will be all moved in by the end of the week. Please excuse the mess as I rearrange the “furniture” until I feel comfortable. After all, I am a woman and I do like to decorate as long as I can do so with minimal cost.

Yes, the first (maybe the second) clue that I am not a typical female. I am a woman who hates to shop and hates spending money! What a find. What a treasure. What a tight wad! I am getting over that as I discover that I am just as valuable and my wants and desires just as important as anyone and everyone elses. Amazing!

Maybe I am moving up after all!

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