My Bucket List

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN, MESA ARIZONA – Tonight we went to see THE BUCKET LIST. It was a fun movie. Lots of moments for personal reflection. What I noticed is that I kept looking at the edits. I kept trying to lose myself in the movie but I kept getting caught in the editing. So either I am becoming an edit nerd or the editing wasn’t done well. Surprisingly, I vote B! Given the footage they must have had, I thought the editing could have been better.

bucketlist.jpgAs we edit our movie, I realize that nobody will ever know or appreciate the limited choices we had in putting the film together. There were so many reaction shots we found before the scene officially began or after the director yelled “cut.” Our intention is that viewers watch the film and become so absorbed in the story that they do not notice the shots in and of themselves. I think we’re succeeding.

It is getting tighter and cleaner all the time. We are excited about the story and the reality of distributing it for others to see and experience. Kind of scary. Kind of wonderful. Kind of amazing! On my “bucket list” is finishing these films! Also on the list are three other movies: Anne and Mary, Pauline and Angelina. I’m not too sure about sky diving, but laughing until I cry needs to be on the weekly bucket list!

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