The Preview

My sister and parents came all the way from California to share this momentous occasion with me. My husband and children were by my side selling tickets, directing traffic, greeting guests and some just choose to stay out of my way! benwis.jpgWistie surprised me and flew in on Saturday! She was going to wear a formal to the movie house! That girl is a hoot. I hid her dress! We chased each other around the house. She found it under my bed! cjmom.jpgCiera was ever so helpful, the little producer that she is. She had everything organized and timed out. Ben sold tickets. Saac warmed the seats. Always the gentleman. Chris thought to buy flowers for Cyndi and me … and presented them to us after the show. Did I see tears in his eyes? I’d like to think they were tears of pride not of humiliation, but who can tell from the gentle giant? saac.jpgMy father and mother were in attendance and rumor has it that she fell asleep! My father will remind us all that he is, after all, 80 years old! She is only 74, so I do not know what her excuse is! I did appreciate their support in coming to this event. It was a fun evening. Cyndi said we had to greet the guests and end with a Q&A. I was not happy about that but it went okay. It is times like these when you discover who really is “family” whether by blood or bond. I appreciate those who cared enough to come. And those who made the effort to call and wish me well (JOANIE!) and those who missed out … well … missed out.

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