A Test – Oh NO!

I have created a test. Take it or not. It’s all up to you.

1. After emptying your grocery cart in the store parking lot do you
a. Take it back inside the store so the bag boy won’t have to bother with doing his job.
b. Leave it in front of your vehicle so that the next patron can park and ram in to it or force his wife to get out of their car to move it for him because all the other parking places are at least five slots down right next to the grocery cart stall and that would be too far to walk
c. Leave it next to your vehicle where you emptied it because it will be so convenient for the next patron to locate it after opening and dinging their door
d. Locate the parking area for empty grocery carts and walk it to said location.

2. While driving at night a vehicle comes towards you with bright lights do you
a. Yell real loud because even if the other driver can’t hear you, the people in the car with you can and it’s always fun to make everyone scared they are going to die because you are blinded by the light
b. Flash your lights reminding the other vehicle to dim theirs
c. Put on your high beams to give them a taste of their own medicine
d. You never drive at night because you don’t want to be in anyone’s way

3. While standing in a check out line with multiple patrons in front of you and behind you, a new cashier opens up another register do you
a. Tell the person in front of you to go to the newly open register and follow them in an orderly fashion
b. Wait patiently until everyone else in the store has paid for their groceries then ask if it’s your turn
c. Run over to the newly opened register cutting off any elderly patrons who will be submitting store and manufacture coupons
d. Glare at the customers behind you conveying the real danger to their very lives if even the thought crosses their mind of cutting in front of you

4. When eating dinner out at a restaurant do you
a. Eat your food even if it isn’t what you ordered because you don’t want to inconvenience the server, chef or the patrons waiting for your table.
b. Explain calmly to your server that there is a problem with your order and that you want to know what options are available to remedy the situation.
c. Demean and belittle the server until the manager arrives reminding you that they have the right to refuse service to anyone and they refuse to serve a rude and irrational customer where upon you tell them that you were educated at the best and most elite schools in the nation and you can say whatever you want, whenever you want and if you don’t like it then stop the train!
d. Always find something to complain about and if you can’t then throw some dirt in your water or drag out that fly you carry around in your wallet. That will insure that they will not charge you for what you ordered or will bring you a free dessert

5. While backing up out of your driveway do you
a. Check to see if other cars are coming both ways, wait until they pass, then slowly back up
b. Back up regardless of any cross traffic knowing they will stop because your vehicle is bigger and this is your street and they need to get out of your way because you are in a hurry and will be late to your breakfast meeting where you will write off the expense on this weeks report for tax purposes that pay for the road that you are trying to drive on.
c. Forget about backing up. You’d just have to back back in.
d. use the circular driveway to avoid the hassle all together.

6. While eating dinner with your family do you
a. Wait until everyone has their food before you begin eating, paying attention to “please pass” requests
b. engage your free hand in the important task of texting thus preventing you from offering assistance with passing the food, condiments or (gasp) engaging in conversation with those present at the table where you sit eating a meal someone has provided for you
c. Look the other way so as to avoid having to exert yourself in passing items as heavy as salt and pepper shakers because you are convinced someone else will eventually do such menial labor
d. Don’t take any food until everyone has been served to make sure everyone else eats all they want. Your on a diet anyway

7. When you are at a party do you
a. Make sure you are acknowledged by the host and that your presence has been duly noted…by everyone
b. Make an effort to socialize and mingle with everyone even if you don’t know them.
c. Leave early slipping out the door with food in your pocket without so much as a thank you to the host because you want to get to the cool party with the cool people wearing the cool clothes and taking posed pictures to prove it.
d. Hide in the kitchen offering to empty the garbage

8. While driving down the road a car suddenly cuts in front of you do you
a. Slow down and carefully observe them from a safe distance to insure their vehicle is functioning properly and they are not suffering from a heart attack
b. Pass them, cut them off then flip them off for good measure
c. Shrug it off knowing everyone gets in a blind spot occasionally
d. Berate yourself for getting in his way

9. When you enter a freeway do you
a. Speed past everyone while driving along the shoulder/ off ramp lane because the cars in the slow lane are backed up and finally cut in at the last minute because you are special like that
b. Merge immediately into the slow lane and blend with traffic
c. Pull off to the side of the road and wait until traffic lightens up so you won’t be in anyone’s way
d. Quickly scoot over to the HOV lane placing your dummy body in the back seat into the passenger seat. Now you have someone to talk to who really knows how to listen and will appreciate all you have to say.

10. While moving slowly with traffic at rush hour do you
a. have a cushion of space in front of you that allows traffic to merge into your lane
b. Ride the next cars bumper thus preventing other vehicles to merge into your lane
c. Scoot over into the shoulder area to prevent speeding mergers to cut in at the last minute
d. Exit the freeway because you don’t want to get in anyones way.

Food for thought while your driving down the road of life.

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