Not the Dowager Part

‘One day, a dowager of the breed that mistake impertinence for wit took a swipe at him.’ Victor Hugo from Les Misérables

I love that line. ‘of the breed that mistake impertinence for wit’.

Who hasn’t been of that breed at one youthful or drunken or weak moment in their life? (Not the Dowager part, but the impertinence part.)

I have provided a list of books I want in my library. Every year for mother’s day Ciera buys me a book off my list. This year she chose Les Misérables.

So at night I read a little chapter in this great book and every night I go to bed with a new thought to ponder.

I am looking forward to using that line, but whenever I have the opportunity I always forget the word impertinence. I come home and look in the book and reread it, committing it to memory for the moment.

I will use it or more likely have it used on me! I know I deserve it. The impertinence part, not the dowager part!

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