I Know What You Are Thinking…I Think

I sometimes realize that I don’t know what other people are thinking, but I don’t believe that.

I believe I do know.
If you were to watch a movie and see actors act, most of the time whatever they are “thinking” is conveyed by what they do, not so much by what they say.
Now I know. It’s a MOVIE!

BUT, for five dollars you can buy five completos, sorry I digress.

So, on our little road trip to Utah this last week, I had lots of time to write and read and think. LOVED IT! Got through a good book my sister sent me, a couple scenes and….
Oh yea, back to this idea of thinking and knowing and stuff.

So, you know when you have this thought and it just kind of clunks into the, that is so true space? Well, I thought….

Girls grow up having these storybooks read to them about once upon a time you will live happily ever after. Blah, blah, blah. We really need to explain that some books are FANTASIES! Girls, FYI, It is once upon a time and you are living happily today, or not. Up to you.

BUT, for eight dollars you can buy eight completos!

Now, the thought that went clunking in my head during our lovely road trip was this….

Who knows when a guy is really in love, but for girls, let me suggest it might be the moment when….
You don’t need to be noticed, want to be noticed or care to be noticed by anyone else except the one.

What I learned was just the opposite. When you stop noticing attractive people is the real sign that you are in love. bahaaaahaaa. I think if you stop noticing attractive people you are dead. Now, don’t get your hair in the air, noticing attractive people and being attracted to someone, different scenario.

So, do you need to be noticed by anyone besides your significant other? Think about it. I already know what you’re thinking cause I’ve seen this movie before.

BUT… see/click kidshistory on you tube for further hilarity.

The end.

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