Oregon Trail

Ciera thought we would be in more rain showers. Instead we have been enjoying the Oregon sunshine. We had a lovely evening on a boat ride. Were told to wear appropriate clothes for swimming. We did get refreshingly sprayed a time or two. Enough to curl my hair! Enjoyed a delightful dinner at a magnificent lodge up in the pines where we met some nice folk. And there were some people who Joan counseled me to punish her if she ever became “one of them.” Ciera didn’t care for them either. They were so very concerned that we were hoarding the food they couldn’t enjoy the abundance that surrounded them! So sad.

Ciera and I spent the days getting lost. We got pretty good at that. By the end of two days we successfully were able to find our way around….my iphones gps. A most useful invention. In the evenings Joan introduced us to the local sites. We are really enjoying being outside. Feels wonderful and refreshing.

Today we are heading south into California. Ciera will be reading to me. We will trade off between The Scarlet Letter and Eat, Pray, Love. I think I know which book we will finish first. Road trips. Don’t you love them?!

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