Passed the Mother-in-law test!

This week-end my mother-in-law came to town. She asked about the movie and asked if she could see it. It was fun to have someone sincerely interested in the project, but, seriously now, to have my mother-in-law as one of the first critics? I consented to take her to the office and agreed that she could watch the first 10 minutes.

I must admit I was nervous. My husband did not lick his pursuit of excellence off the grass. My mother-in-law is known for being a tad of a perfectionist. She has been a music teacher to most of the people of Colonia Dublan for the last 50 years. She knows her stuff and she expected and received the very best from her students. All of her children were raised with a love of music. They all know how to play instruments. How to sing. How to work hard and how to never settle for less then your best. So here I was willingly sharing my movie with someone who is very familiar with the colonies, knows the history and has such high standards of excellence. Have I lost my mind?

I pushed the button and walked away. After 10 minutes I came back in and pushed the button again. She looked at me with tears in her eyes, “ Don’t I get to watch more? I want to see more!” She said she really felt the emotion of the movie and was immediately drawn into the story. WOW!

Kind of makes me feel good. I think this is what I needed, a little encouragement to finish this thing! Soon I will be showing 90 minutes to many others. I am more confident then ever that others will appreciate not what I have done, but what the colonists did. They were amazing.

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  1. Cathy Hatch

    Loved reading about Mary’s visit! I miss her! I can’t wait to see the movie myself!! I think I was one of the first to prepay my DVD! We are anxiously waiting! Miss you, Pam!

  2. Sonya

    I am so excited to see it. I tried to order it once and for some reason I couldn’t get it to work, but I am pretty computer illiterate. Then mom said that you and her are giving it to us as a gift for Christmas. I can’t wait!

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