Perks of Production

One of the “perks” I did not anticipate with the project is getting to know people. Complete strangers write to me to tell me their stories or connection to the colonies. As a result, we have recorded many interviews that add more depth to the story. It has been a pleasure to meet, talk with and document people’s lives, memories and family stories.

Living in the colonies for 17 years, I was able to meet people who would come for reunions, service excursions or youth trips. This allowed me to “connect the dots” whenever anyone would talk about people from the colonies. They might not remember meeting me, but I remember meeting many of them.

ninambrown.jpgIronically, my children ended up being the only Bowmans of their generation living in the colonies. When we first moved to Colonia Dublan, the Bowmans made up the largest percentage in the Dublan primary. As the years passed, more moved away until we were the only ones left. As a result, when cousins visited, my children ended up being the hosts. They got to meet many members of the extended family.

This week we interviewed a lovely sister who had been born in “Chupi”. Nina Morene Brown. It was delightful to hear her tell her childhood stories of running free in the land of the mist. We also interviewed Patriarch Keith Bowman. Another perk, documenting the perspective of many about the same story. Always makes for interesting conversation. Don’t you agree?

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