BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN – MESA ARIZONA – oversaac034.pdf.jpgTonight we celebrated our first son’s birthday. He is now married, in school and working. We went and had a lovely dinner. The most amazing part of the evening? He paid.

I think he really is an adult. After dinner we stopped off to visit some friends. We were actually trying to set one friend up with another friend. Time will tell the fruition of that meeting. As we were discussing relationships I read a quote.

“When you find the right one, it just ends up being worth it, there’s nothing that’s too hard, nothing seems impossible. In fact, everything finally seems possible.”

Makes you wonder. Makes you think. Makes me remember. When he was this little boy, all things seemed possible. Time did not seem limited. Nothing was too hard. For a gift this year, I wish I could give him the understanding of my years. Instead I will have the patience to give him the time to discover his own understanding.

Tonight I listened to him discuss his opinions, his thoughts, his convictions. My boy will always be my boy, but he has grown into his own man. So I received a gift tonight. It was worth it.

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