An Old Business, A New Start

Rem singleWhen I began this company almost 10 years ago, I wanted to name it reminisce. Unfortunately at the time, that business and domain name was already taken. I stewed over that until Ben came up with the name Reminesse, the essence of remembering. I liked it then and I still do. Thanks Ben!

Now I am marketing it more heavily. When I talk to people about what I do I can often see the wheels begin to turn. They begin to think of moments in their lives that they wished they had documented. And I gently tell them it is not too late.

Some clients are older. They are the fun ones. They look at their photo albums and they start telling the stores of their life. Their eyes sparkle when remembering. The moments come back and so do the feelings. It is a wonder to witness. Then when they watch the moments of their lives right before them on their own TV, they smile and often cry.

There are so many opportunities in documenting lives and stories. Sometimes, the story is happening right now. A birth, a birthday, a vacation, a family reunion, a graduation, a special trip, a wedding, an anniversary, and even funerals are all moments that can be documented.

So take a moment and take a picture.

Reminesse, a place that remembers.

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