Right to Write

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN, MESA ARIZONA – Who knew writing would be so hard?! Give me a topic and I can spew about it!

We have been researching and writing a new screenplay for two months. After doing all the preliminary work we have spent the last two days with all our notes and steps and character sheets layed out before us and what do we have? Fifteen (15!) pages! Come on!

Learning how to write with another person is painful! You discuss ideas and thoughts and then the one with their fingers on the keyboard types whatever she wants! That works because I can’t remember what I thought anyway!

pjhair.jpgToday I had a meltdown. A girly moment if you will. I was at the keyboard and Cyndi made a … suggestion. I started to feel my insecurities creep up my spine and collapse it right there. I suggested she type for a while. I think I had too many Butterfingers and M&M’s. Cyndi explained that she wasn’t being critical. She wanted to toss out ideas and see where they went. Well, she found out where they went … NOWHERE! So tomorrow we are trying a new approach. No chocolate for Pam and an open forum where no idea is a bad idea. Listen and then feel what is right to write. I like part B of that, but no chocolate? Who’s idea was that? That is a bad idea!

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