Road Less Traveled

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN, MESA, ARIZONA – Wistie called today and told me to blog. It is difficult for me to obey my daughter. It isn’t as if I don’t have anything to say, it is that I have TOO MUCH to say. My head swirls with ideas and thoughts and those darn FEELINGS! Sometimes, I think it was easier when my heart ached from being broken but, now, everything just feels strange (strange as in alien and unknown). How weird is that?!

I have been contemplating a new story idea. It would be best described as a mid-life tale. It might be more appropriately called the story of a mid-death crisis. My working title is Knight and Day. What do you think? Make you wonder? Hope so. It really is an idea that explores the concept that it is easier to live with regret than remorse. I have taken on a lot of new things in the past few years and had some amazing adventures. But, I have found that lifelong habits are hard to break because they are so familiar and predictable. As a human in mid-life, the scariest place to be is in the unknown.

trail.jpgI’m off to travel that road less traveled. The road less traveled is my path of choice. Following this path, it is certain that our paths will not cross because this trail is mine and mine alone. The trail has room for only one and it goes in one direction, forward. Works for me because then I don’t have to hurry or wait. I can just be. Hope you find your path and relish it. It is, after all, the only one you’ve got.

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  1. wistie

    thanks for being obedient.. i don’t like checking your site and nothing is there… it uplifts me so… good girl

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