I have decided to self-study screen writing. I am reading many books on the subject because I am a tad stubborn. When it comes to others getting in my face and telling me how to do things I get my hair in the air and I take it personally.

Who died and put them in charge of knowing all things? Sometimes the discussion turns from gaining knowledge to ‘I can prove you wrong’. Such a waste of energy and time, but massages my pride somehow. Deflecting or projecting seems to distract and I can slither away none the wiser.

So reading allows me to learn and not feel isolated by the teacher pointing their sausage fingers at my evaporating mind while slowly grasping or not grasping the concept, any concept.

It is the feeling or knowledge that the writer slowly, and I believe slyly, introduces me to an idea or thought in a way that makes it mine. I smile smugly and for a moment I think, I am brilliant. This thought or feeling or idea is so clever, original and perfect.

Eventually, I stand and immediately stub my toe. EVERYTIME! Just a little reminder that whoever did die did not put me in charge and never will.

So I get it. Every chapter reinforces the message.

A screenplay is a story told with pictures.

I can do that, because I can read and learn and then do while limping ever so happily along.

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