Sharing the Torch

We have been spending the mornings this last month teaching animation and digital film to youth under 16 years old.

What has been fun is how quickly they catch on to the possibility of both medias. Within the first day of the film class we had the students out shooting their first film that THEY wrote, story boarded and blocked. At the end of the week they took home their first movie. They edited and added music to enhance their story.


What was fun for me was as the week progressed and we introduced effects, motion, compositing and other possibilities, there were a number of students who would return to their first movie and re-edit with their new knowledge. Some went home and worked on their projects. Soon parents were coming in asking questions because their children were so EXCITED over their new found skills.


It is always rewarding to share information to interested people. We learned some stuff from them as well! One more session. The word is spreading and the class has doubled! Hope we can accomplish as much with a larger class. I believe I will be ready for a vacation in two weeks!

We are not ready to pass the torch, but so willing to share the light.

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