BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN – MESA ARIZONA – Yesterday, I came home from work and someone had sent me flowers. The card was rather personal and with an unconventional name but I knew right away who they were from. The card was signed “Shmily.” That confused me. I use nonsense words that mean something only to me so I was worried that someone was trying to yank my chain. I called Wistie and asked her if she had sent me flowers. “Why would I send you flowers?” The old avoidance approach. I gave her a lesson on lies of omission and comission.

WisLovesPJ.jpgA couple of weeks ago, I asked her about her blog page and the songs she chose to put on it. There is a song I love on her welcoming page. It is such a sad song. It makes me cry but it touches me every time I hear it. I thought she was thinking of all of her old friends and was missing them. I asked her about it and she laughed at me. “Mom, that song was for you!” Made me cry again! The song on Wistie’s Blog is Gavin Mikhail’s DAYS GONE BY.

Flowers from my daughter. My son Saac sent me flowers once. He also sent me the bill for them. So I’m thinking, I must be doing something right. I checked her bank account and she has already paid for them herself! Shmiley made me smile. That is always a good thing.

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  1. wistie

    Stop invading my privacy by checking my bank account! you have no proof! I could have sent some other thing to someone else, you never know! FYI: it is SHMILY, not SHMILEY
    but that’s beside the point, no proof, no proof at all. ugh, journalists, they think they know everything

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