Slam Dunk the Mama

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN, MESA ARIZONA – three.jpgI guess my wrestling days are over. Ben slammed dunked me and when my head hit the amplifier Chris heard it upstairs in the kitchen! I don’t think I have ever been a patient in Urgent Care before. Interesting experience. I am not sure why, but I could not stop crying. It didn’t help that my head couldn’t stop bleeding! OUCHHHH!

The positive thing, and there is always a positive thing, is that my doctor ended up being from East Africa. Between the x-rays and the stitches, I was able to subtly interview him and managed to find out that his wife is from Africa, also. So, if we need a voice over, I found another potential voice!

So now when my head stops pounding I can get back to editing this puppy! As far as wrestling … I think I need to get back in the saddle! No matter how big my boys get, they have to know that I’m still willing to go mano-a-mano with them!

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