BY PAMELA BOWMAN, LUSAKA, ZAMBIA, AFRICA – It was like the first night we were there. We could hear the screams in all of our rooms. A spider had been found. The screams sent the insect into hiding, but our crew of ladies searched until the ghastly arachnid was found. The shoes and other accesible weapons surronded the enemy until Ginger protested the killing of the creature. With mouths agape, Ginger approached the enemy. She captured the offender and placed it in its POW portable camp. She slowly carried it out of the compound and ceremoniously placed him outside and watched him scurry away. It should not have been a surprise to learn that she was the one to get the kiss of gratitude from her leggy friend! I guess that could mean the creature is back and stalking us all. Yep, there is Jeniece and MK screaming. The search is on but, with the pacifist gone, the weapons are loaded! We are taking no prisoners and there will be no humanitarian releases.

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