The Night Before…

This year Ciera made the kids their Christmas pj’s. DSC_0251This was suppose to be a teaching moment. Not sure exactly what was learned, except that we are all suppose to wear our pj’s around our necks!

It is the thought that counts. That is what they say. I was just wondering who “they” is. I would like a word with “they”. If you have their number that would be great! In the mean time, Ciera was able to learn not only sewing, but the great art of laughing at oneself. I think that is an admirable quality. And frankly, around here a necessary one if you want to not be crying, like all of the time! DSC_0253

Like any professional model, Ben realized it was all about presenting the attire for the audience to capture the essence and possibility. No doubt everyone will be asking Ciera to reproduce these lovely items for their own children before the next holiday season. DSC_0258

All that matters is that they were able to stop laughing long enough to give their signature pose. DSC_0239

By this time I could not contain myself. I kept clicking away hoping that one, just one picture would turn out from my shaking camera! Success! I think. DSC_0226

And finally, the ones who made this year unique in soooo many unexpected ways! All I have to say is, thank goodness there is only 6 more days of 2009. You guys are something else! Emphasis on ELSE!DSC_0233

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