The Voice of Others

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN – MESA ARIZONA — One of the truths I have embraced this year is that everyone has a right to their own uniquely individual creative expression. Sometimes our voice is the one that is to be expressed and sometimes we are the ears to hear the expression of the voice of another.

PJCabin.jpgAs I walk my own path, I must admit that there are times I feel very inadequate, especially when I witness the talents of others. I have to constantly check myself so I can fully appreciate their gifts. I cannot, nor do I want to be the only voice. Yet, when I see a beautiful painting or hear an inspirational song or witness a master teacher or experience great architecture, I am in awe and I am a bit envious of those creations. I don’t want that to be true but that is what is so.

We live in such a very competitive world. From the time we are very young we are subtly taught that we are competing with everyone about everything. As our life experience becomes more global our opportunities expand, but so does our competitors. This globalization provides so many more choices and opportunities for everyone. Sometimes, I become paralyzed with the opportunities, less able to choose, and even more fearful of failing.

It is no wonder I look for stories about individuals who succeed in the face of adversity. I seek for stories of people who follow their dreams whether they “succeed” or not. I find their stories inspiring and encouraging as I pursue my goals, one of which is enabling to hear the voice of others.

For me. in my sane moments, it isn’t about fame or recognition. It isn’t even about wealth or riches. It is about hearing many voices and appreciating the depth of what each one contributes to the choir.

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