This Day

An early morning walk on the beach usually makes me a tad melancholy. Not this day. I was pleased to find the mist mingling with the salt air. I sat for a long time, alone, watching the ever constant tumble of water foaming to the shore. Usually I feel so connected to the sea. Weird, I know. The ocean conjures up for me the distant unknown and yet I have often felt comforted by it. Not this day. I think I felt closure. There is an odd feeling I have been having of late. I feel that I am not part of anything … and, yet, at the same moment, I am a part of everything. I am totally unique, separate and distinct in the universe and I yet am totally integrated into it. I am not relying on anything and yet I hope for everything. It is what it is so … and so am I.

I think this photograph of the sun is amazing. So big and bright and promising. We are all as big and bright and promising. Is it possible to celebrate each other and acknowledge the possibility of what can occur once the mist dissipates? Is it possible for each and every one of us to stand in our own place … reflecting and refracting our inner own unique light. This day, it all seems possible, even probable, to me.

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