Tigger Day

Starting the drive to work a tad late and catching every red light on Val Vista started to define my day. At Main Street I was so close to getting the green! Heading toward University the Eeyore in me started to surface. “I can tell what kind of day this is going to be!”

I decided to be Tigger instead. I sped up to 55 and risked a ticket to get through the green…ok yellow light. I smiled! Clear sailing to the 202! Put on some good tunes and changed my day and my attitude.

Of course I could have slowed down and had the same result without the stress of flashing red lights. Could have enjoyed the morning quiet. Could have stopped for some McDonald cinnamon rolls. But didn’t. Sometimes you just got to speed just because you can!

Made my day a green light day.

Roo: What’s the matter, Tigger?
Tigger: Phew. Oh, thank goodness. I was just getting a little seasick from…
Tigger: seeing too much.

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