Told You So

ARGHH, One of the things I tell my clients, my friends, my family is back it up! That means investing in an external hard drive or paying an online back up program. I say go for both! I believe that everyone will be utilizing the online back up programs in the near future. These companies must have back ups themselves or they would be… not smart. The problem I hear right now is that you need to have internet to upload and download and that it can take a chunk of time to do it. Then if, the worse happens, and it will, you have to retrieve that info and it will take TIME! Oh yea, computers are suppose to save that!

So for the last two days guess what I have been doing? Even though I backed up my files, programs and information I still had to spend time re-installing the software. That’s right folks. Your back up saves your information, not your programs. Once you re-install the programs, you can link your info back in. I know of no easy way to get through this except one mind numbing minute at a time. Another reason to keep those serial numbers. And don’t store those on your computer for obvious reasons. Right now your serial numbers can be located in the file called…about (blank) blank meaning the name of each and everyone of your software programs. Go on check it out and right them down. On a piece of paper… with a pen. You remember how to use those right? Don’t tell me latter. Latter might, no, will be too late!

So, if any of you creative genius’ are looking to make a million or more, may I suggest figuring out a simple way to back up programs, info and files? I’d really like to get back to what I love doing… writing.

Love the stories we are working on! LOVE THEM. (sorry I digress)

And, fortunately, I backed those up in a really weird way. I E-mailed the current version like an hour before the melt down occurred. THANK GOODNESS! Still, these last two days have been very unpleasant. There has been crying and weeping and chocolate intake. I am off to beat Ben up in Wii boxing.

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