BY PAMELA BOWMAN – MESA ARIZONA – There have been few moments in my life where I have felt connected to other humans. It takes time, energy and trust. Today was a day full of moments of sharing. I had many meaningful conversations with those I cherish. I am not sure I feel any more connected, but I feel more understood and certainly I took the time to understand. In the end perhaps who I know better and deeper is me. In the conversations today I felt what I already knew. Those who truly love me will continue to love me even if there is a difference of opinion, misunderstanding or even offense. How liberating to know I will be loved and accepted in spite of myself.

Sedona.1 107.jpgToday, I thought what the heck is unconditional love anyway? Just a bunch of horse hockey! One of those myths that people hope to find at the end of a distant rainbow. Then, I was embraced by friends eating a bowl of ice cream, discussing the hardship of parenting and budgeting and adjusting to the ever constant changes of life. I enjoyed a few moments of teasing my over-worked spouse. Then, I stayed up until the early morning sharing life experiences and insight with my recently-returned son. I am sleepy, but I feel a spark of hope that life can be all I hope it can be … and maybe even more.

Horse hockey? Anyone have a puck? Get in the game and swing away. I’ll be right behind you, unconditionally.

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