Would someone please enlighten me? PLEASE!

We are driving down the freeway… quickly. I notice many red lights that signal to me that there is a problem ahead. We break and (just for kicks we will refer to the driver as…the driver) the driver begins to maneuver through traffic trying to get ahead of all the other vehicles before we face the stand still (or sit off). My thoughts were something like, “ I hope it isn’t an accident.” And “where are the kids tonight?”356278679_e2cbe4e980

Pretty soon the traffic is stopped. The vehicles are all merging slowly to the right lane. The passenger door on the car in front of us opens and a girl gets out and does a little jig. Windows are down and everyone is sharing their musical choice. There is nothing we can do except wait, be patient and inch along and enjoy the carbon monoxide.

I was wrong, “the driver” has found something to do. Accelerate, brake. He rides the next cars tail gate. This will prevent a car from merging in. Accelerate, brake. Would not want that to happen! We are going to get there first! Accelerate, brake. “There are cars ahead of us that are actually letting in other cars! What idiots! What is going on?” the driver wants to know. “Did you see any signs posted about a highway closure?” “Why is that car letting in those cars?” led_vs_nla_led_brake_and_stock_running_light I do not have the answers to these questions. I also do not know why “the driver” feels compelled to beat all the other drivers. If this is a race I want to know where the finish line is. But experience tells me we are all going to different destinations so how can we really tell who wins?

“She, ( how “the driver” knows the car is driven by a woman is beyond me) has enough space in front of her for five cars! This is my lane! She is letting them in! What a dork!”
Now I try to reason with “the driver”.

“There is nothing you can do, Just relax. Eventually we will all exit the freeway. It doesn’t matter if you do that one car faster or not. Does it?”

Apparently it does.

I wait upon the answers to these and other thought provoking (?)questions.

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