Weekend with The Girls

I wish I could say I took these pictures
of the vibrant flowers we found on
the Alpine Loop this week-end, but
I must give credit to Ciera. She has a
good eye.
I’m all about the people who are there
sharing the experience with you.

It felt wonderful to be up in the cool weather. We had a nice rest and everyone
got to eat at their restaurant of choice. Chris actually ate at the Italian place TWICE! I need to look into a franchise down here for that place! Although I didn’t get to eat at the tree room, I did wonder around the place and remember days gone by when we did eat there. If I have another opportunity I am going to take my bike and go biking on that mountain. Looks like great fun and wonderful exersize. And what was very cool was an old idea for a book started to haunt me again. Got to stop doing that thinking stuff. Gets me in all sorts of trouble.
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