Divided We Will Fall

The history books of the United States document the issues that have divided our country. It also documents the moments that have united us. I am bombarded daily with emails from friends, colleagues, family members and strangers about our most current division. Dare I say the toxic words? Health care. This deadly issue has infiltrated our country, our life, our relationships. It is strangling us. There seems to be two monologues sparring but no true dialogue. No discussion. I am reminded of the story about being at an elegant dining table where everyone’s arms are too long to feed themselves. Onlookers were dumbfounded. Why didn’t these two groups just reach across the table and feed each other?

I am suggesting that perhaps the best answer lies between us, within us, and among us. I believe we are all trying to find what is best and right. We are Americans after all. All for one and one for all. We have been taught from history that decisions will be made. Not making a choice is still making a decision. What we are not always aware of are the consequences in the long run, whether they will be good or bad. Some of the known consequences can be examined. Others can be anticipated. Some will be a surprise, hopefully pleasant ones, but undoubtedly, there will be some we wished we could have diagnosed. And some we should have foreseen.

As citizens in our communities we naturally quarantine ourselves with those with similar symptoms. What is true is that there will be victims in both camps. Will the runners with the antidote arrive soon enough? When they do, let us hope we will be wise enough to let them through our barricades.

The health of our nation may depend on it.

Perhaps you can take a moment to consider the other side… or not


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