What Did I Say?

What did I say?

I have this weird thing that happens when I speak in public. I sometimes don’t know what I am saying and afterwards I don’t remember what I said.

Yesterday we had an opportunity to bring some attention to this project. We thought we were going to be interviewed and then they would edit the piece so it would make some kind of sense. When we arrived we were ushered in, mic’ed, and then it hit me, we were going live. Within five minutes of walking into the studio we were sitting in front of the camera. I was sitting in the middle of the road with the proverbial headlights coming right at me!

pjandcg.jpgI have no idea what I said or if I made sense or if I was able to tell the viewers about the amazing men, women and children who went down to Mexico and started a new life, new towns and new families. After all we had three entire minutes to inform the viewers about 4000 lives and events! I spent the afternoon working in a slump. Both Cyndi and Chris told me to snap out of it. That it was fine. Good thing it showed at 5:45 a.m.! No one awake then!

It was a chance to cut our teeth and become more familiar with the process. Next week we have two more print interviews. Hopefully they will be more in-depth. I will at least be able to read what they said I said!

Anyone know what I said out there?

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  1. Sandy


    Darn – I can’t tell you what you said as I couldn’t receive a satellite signal for Good Morning Arizona in Wisconsin. But, I assure you that you made sense and did a great job! I am also familiar with feeling like a real knob when I speak in front of a group of people or if I’m around really smart people (except Cyndi – she doesn’t make me feel like a knob even though she could belong to Mensa). I write much better than I speak. I think . . .

    Good luck with your project!


  2. Cyndi


    What is the problem with your satellite? My satellite can get things from 2000 miles away. Of course, who wants to watch television from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin … besides you, of course.

    I thought it went really well. I thought we both sounded pretty sexy. Too bad you missed it … maybe next time!

    Thanks for reading …
    Cynthia LouSleazy

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