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This little being was born 52 years ago at 7:45 a.m. Today as she made a wish on 52 candles she thought, what would it be like if just once a year at the exact moment one was born one could make a wish and it really would come true. Hmmmm, interesting premise to think about.

This week-end I watched THE INSIDER with Al Pacino. It was based on a true story about the tobacco industry and how 60 Minutes’ reputation was tarnished over how they chose to NOT disclose all that they knew to protect jobs, theirs and by extension the tobaccos. Mike Wallace was asked why he allowed this to occur. In the movie, he said something like, ‘it doesn’t matter about all the good things you might have done in your life, what people remember is the last thing you did.’ I might add people seem to always remember the worst things as well.

So at 52 I am contemplating that thought. Someone once asked why I gave a rip about what others thought. And yet I do and if you are honest at all you will recognize that you do as well. I look at this little girl who I once was. I have been told I was a very happy baby. Well, you can tell I was well fed! What I believe is she didn’t give a rip….yet. AND, she was happy! Double AND, her being authentic quite naturally made others happy too! I think I miss her. Now, some who know me might say I don’t act like I care too much about what people think. What my wish this year is to care what SHE thinks. At the end of my life that is what will matter most to me anyway.

In the mean time, Thanks to all who were kind enough to extend birthday wishes today. I appreciate being remembered. Always nice to hear and read what you are thinking.

( I crack myself up!)

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