Whizzing By

Spring break whizzed by!


One day we thought we would take the kids for a hike. I went 2/3 of the way and realized something was wrong. I didn’t feel so well. I sent everyone up the mountain and then I found a shaded rock and rested until I felt I could get myself down the mountain.


It was just what I needed, quiet time alone in nature. It was very pleasant. We then went to lunch and then spent the rest of the day at the pool/lagoon and even got in a racquet ball game. I think it was a lovely day. I thank Cyndi for generously providing these facilities to my friends and me. What a great perk!


As Cyndi continued to supervise her mother’s health issues and I supervised my daughters activities we managed to spend a great deal of time recovering hard drives from computers. We got a lot accomplished, but we both missed the work we love… writing. Hopefully this next week we can focus again on our stories. I think taking a break might have been just the thing we needed. And if it wasn’t, it is what we got.

Sometimes life whizzes by as fast as spring break.

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