Works for Me

When I hear kids whining, or a friend complains too much, often my response sounds like, “Does that usually work for you?” It is funny to watch the person realize they have been caught in the game of manipulation. Even two year olds will try to hide their high five smile, but they aren’t good at it yet. They can still laugh at themselves. It is the older, seasoned “adults” who usually take it the hardest. Me thinks thou does protest to much” only reaffirms their guilt.

I once had a friend blame me for receiving a ticket. I wasn’t even in the car! “A song came on and it reminded me of something funny you did. I got distracted. It is all your fault!” I guess it works for some people. Not owning what is theirs. Constantly looking outward for all the things and feelings that are occurring inward. I think it must be human. I am guilty of this as well.

“Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?” With chocolate smeared on my upper lip I reply. Not me! Couldn’t be!” And quickly point to another possible offender. Let’s distract everyone while I finish swallowing…. Works for me.

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