Writing is Hard

Writing is hard.

Sometimes I feel like, what the heck am I doing? What makes me think I can write? I crawl up into a ball, well, actually I can’t really crawl into a ball anymore, but I can still handle the fetal position… So I lay, tightly, in fetal position and feel pretty worthless.

Then, I start reading. Lately I read my friends blogs, and then I jump to their friends blogs. It’s kind of like leap frog, but it’s leap blog. I find out how small the world really is when I find I have leapt on a blog of someone I know and I didn’t know it was them!

I see pictures of them with their families and friends and sometimes I am in there somewhere. Or I listen to their choice of songs or they share ideas or memories and I don’t feel so worthless after all.

I eventually get back to writing… and it is still hard.

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