Yo-Yo Flu

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN, MESA, ARIZONA — Today was the closing performance for THE MUSIC MAN. First, I’ve got to give a big shout out to Ciera Jo for a great performance! Not that I am biased in any way but I thought she totally stole the show!

cjmm4blog.jpgI had attended all of the other performances including the final dress rehearsal. But, today, the Yo-Yo Flu took me out. I spent most of the day lying in bed, wishing I felt better and thinking that if I committed time to sleeping, I might finally shake it. Between the final efforts to get everything ready for the play, prepping the film for the crew screening, celebrating with family (Grandma and Grandpa came for Ciera’s big debut) and celebrating Ben’s birthday, I may have gotten a bit run down. So, the Yo-Yo Flue took hold of me. One day, I feel pretty good, the next day I feel terrible. Sometimes, the yo-yo gets moving pretty quickly … i end up feeling good one hour, poor the next.

So, this is a less than an exciting blog post. Maybe in a couple of weeks things will be more fun. I’ll be going to visit Wistie. That will be fun. The film will ship out. That will be fun. Cyndi will go to Indiana for a week. That should leave a little room in my schedule for fun. Of course, we will finally get to start the Ann and Mary story. That will be fun and self gratifying. I’m going to go back to sleep and dream about it some more.

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